June 27, 2022


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Vipers Fans’ Cup: Awkward Scenes As Five Stars FC Abandon RB FC Game In 70th Minute.


Vipers Fans’ Cup: Awkward Scenes As Five Stars FC Abandon RB FC Game In 70th Minute.

Five Stars Football Club Entebbe decided to end their home Group B game against RB Entebbe FC in the 70th minute citing poor officiation in the Vipers’ Fans tournament.


Club chairman Shafiq Kakooza came on to the pitch to make a big decision to stop the game, something that shocked the big crowd. He clearly stated that his team wasn’t going to continue with the match which was 1-1 then, pointing at poor officiation.


This was the first tournament match for both teams played at Nkumba Kataka play ground. In this same group, Aidenal School of Soccer Art,  lost their first game to Kisubi Mapeera at home.



Before the ugly scene, there was however, a mistake made by the organisers to have just one match official (center) referee to handle a game of this calibre between two hostile neighbors.


The referee awarded a freekick to Five Stars  for a foul on their captain, 40 yards from the goal and this was the incident that sparked off the abandonment. Kakooza, thought it would be a bookable offense or even a send off for the offense to his captain.


Kakooza, was contacted minutes after the match for a comment on why he decided to abandon the game which was 1-1, but he clearly stated he wasn’t ready to speak to the media.


Ex International and RB FC assistant coach Kayizzi was furious speaking to Sports256 after the comic incident that occurred to the end the game prematurely.


” It was a good game and fans were enjoying football, but what hurt me most, was the organizers failing to bring a set of referees and bring an individual to officiate, the two teams were playing well but it was tough for the referee to do duties meant for four people, the would be his two assistants and the forth official. And he was also substandard and in-experienced according to what i saw as a former footballer. This is a big tournament that has to have standard referees.”


” And what made the day worse, is seeing a person who is a chairman/manager of the team (Shafiq Kakooza) telling players to get off the pitch, he should try boxing or swimming, but this should never happen in football again.” He added.


” You cannot just pull out players because the other team plays better, I would appreciate even if my side looses 5-0, but when I have got lessons to learn and go back and improve.”


“So if some teams like Five stars FC, still have leaders like him, we still have along way to go. For us our target is to improve these kids.” He concluded.


Coach Kayizzi, formerly played for Uganda Airlines, Spear Motors FC and Uganda Cranes.


Kayizzi, competed with Tebusweke, Nansamba and Monday Sekiziyivu to be in the Cranes goal in the 1980s.


The reporter of this site, contacted the Vipers Fans’ Cup match officials that were on ground for a comment on the urgly scene and why the game had just one person to officiate it, but the effort fell to a dead end as they decided not to speak to the media.


Kibuli Senior Secondary School head coach Emuron Rekoba, who had come around to watch and scout some young talents was frustrated with what he saw.


” The game wasn’t that bad, but according to what I have seen the preparations were not good, if you organise such a tournament you have to be focused and some of us that look out for the young talents, plan for the Junior national teams, and also preparing them for club football such things doesn’t really paint a good picture.”


” I want to call upon the organizers of this tournament, it looked so bad bringing a single person to officiate a game of this calibre in such a tournament. There alot of talents to be promoted here. I want also to blame the team owners, how could they start the game with out assistants? In a tournament where they have invested money and time so let’s all work towards football to win.” Recoba added.


” Let’s not be damagers instead of Managers, You made a mistake to start a game with a single official and after every 10 minutes you complain about officiation.”


” I want condemn the act by Five stars FC to abandon the game, this was so wrong and I wouldn’t love to see it again because we have experienced and seen bigger things in football. A player who is claimed to be fooled was one who had come to foul, and also players die on the pitch, and if you have been in football management for long, something like that cannot make you loose focus and leave the pitch because if the game is abandoned many people are affected, the players loose the morale.”


” Lastly I advise the organisers should improve, before the Tournament the managers should be called, agree on rules and regulations, if possible agree on referee’s payments instead of seeing what we have seen today.” He ended.


Boston High School head coach Hussein Mulawa, who had also passed by, advised the organizers to make some improvement if they are to have a successful tournament.


” The biggest problem was about officiation, a single referee couldn’t manage such a game between two teams from the same area in a such a big Tournament.”


” It is a good tournament aiming at promoting young talents, the rules and regulations are good I must say but improvement is just needed in the officiation, I won’t say the referee had a bad in office but they should emphasize a full set of officials.” Hussein commented.


Aidenal School of Soccer Art, lost the group B opener to Kisubi Mapeera 1-0 at home.


Aidenal will play Entebbe United FC away from home, will play two home games against host Entebbe Pride and Five stars and will visit RB at Manyango.