June 26, 2022


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Youth Football: Sponsors Gear Up Prosper Kids League Ahead of Kick off.

Youth Football: Sponsors Gear Up Prosper Kids League Ahead of Kick off.

Prosper Kids League will see kids between three (3) to ten (10) years compete on the football pitch on Saturday 9th April 2022.


The ground is set, the sponsors have come on board and what was a an individual dream is closing in to reality as the Prosper Kids League nears kick off.


The jerseys that will be used for the Kids league on Saturday 09th April 2022 and the sponsors that came on board were unveiled at the officially launch at an event held on Sunday at City high school.


Some of the kids in their new jerseys at the event.


The games are set to kick off as early as 8am according the organizers.


Prosper Academy Director Dennis Namanya stated that he was driven by passion for for the beautiful game that inspired him to take on this project.


Namanya speaking to the media on Sunday


Football is about passion and since am passionate about the game, I was inspired to start up this project which I believe will develop and mentor young players in the country.


We are today unveiling our kit sponsors and the players that are going to participate. We expect six teams, we want to invite every youth football stake holders on Saturday and we shall kick off at 8:30 am


Registration is going now whoever is interested can contact us. The uniqueness in this tournament is that players are going to get involved with their parents, coaches and every one who loves youth football can give us a helping hand because there is no dicatatorship here.Namanya added


The teams will be comprised of eight players five on field and three off field.



Among the sponsors that were present to the media for the first edition included; Yo Kuku Chicken, Mighty Rides, Soft plus and Royikems industries.


Yo Koku representative Nsubuga Muhammed revelead the reason as to why they came on board as partners to the kids’ tournament.


Nsubuga was glad supporting the kids tournament.


Why we have decided to partner with Prosper soccer Academy is because as a company we believe in narturing talents, we believe talent like any other professional people can earn from it and we believe from this tournament we can get the next Christiano Ronaldo, Emma Okwi the next Dennis Onyango