June 27, 2022


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U-17 Star Kamiyati Idolising Najjemba Dedicates Tagy Win Over St Noa To Ayub Khalifa



It was a very emotional evening for Uganda Women National team U-20 and U-17 star Kamiyati Naigaga creating the penalty opportunity after she was brought down in the area to defeat St Noa Girls 1-0 in the Girls first Semi final game at Kawanda SS.


The Entebbe based Women Football power house, had lost to St Noa for last three consecutive years until yesterday when, they finally defeated them to reach the Wakiso District girls football final.


An emotional Naigaga speaking while tears were rolling on his cheeks, couldn’t believe what had happened at the end of the game.


This was a very good encounter, very competitive, we have lost to St Noa for the last three years and we never expected we could beat them today. Am so happy that we beat them today with this young squad with out any Hsc player, we are all young (O-level) players.

We came wholeheartedly to die on the pitch for our team, I want to thank our Teacher Mr Ayub for all he sacrifices for us and the courage he gave us.

We are very prepared for the final, the mood is just right in our camp, a win over St Noa is a great boast because they came knowing they had to beat us but our performance was superb and I want to thank the fans that were behind us and I don’t think there is anything that can hinder us from winning the trophy.

To all Tagy students and Entebbe people, I want to tell them, we are to give our best to win the title, there is nothing that comes easily we have to work for it


Tagy face Rines SS that defeated Wakiso Hill in the final at Wakisha Resource center at exactly 1pm and later St Mary’s Kitende will play Buddo SS in the boy’s final at 2pm.


Speed merchant Kamiyati who idolises her National U-20 teammate and captain Fauzia Najjemba, dedicated this win to his U-17 national team head coach Ayub Khalifa Kiyingi.


I want to dedicate this memorable to win to my national team coach Ayub Khalifa to thank him for preparing me and putting me where the world has been able to see my potential because it hasn’t been easy, wherever he is I want to thank him.


The young star, is hopeful in a few years to come will be playing professional football away from Uganda.


I have received some offers to go play professional football but am still young and I want to concentrate on books first, but in a short time to come, am seeing my self playing away from home.

I have always admired my captain at U-20 Fauzia Najjemba, she is very nice, and the only player any girl out there would look at and get inspiration to play the game, she is humble and tries to understand every one.


In her conclusively remarks she stated.


Things are not easy more so the game of football but sacrifice, hardwork and fronting God in whatever you do.


Mr Ayub Assimwe, Tagy High School and Tagy Women FC manager, was so happy with the result and could not hide his joy speaking to Sports256 in an exclusive interview.


Ayub Assimwe Tagy High School manager.


This has been a sweet win for us that this time with the (S1, S2, S3) kids brought, we managed to beat St Noa. We came with the aim of testing them to see whether they can put I practice what we have been training them. We have had a good campaign winning from the group stages. This win shows us that everything is possible, we have loosing to this team and they expected to defeat us today to defend the title. We have qualified for the nationals as finalists. We are ready for any one in the finals.


Kamiyati is a big player in this team, very skilled player with a big heart, she has an individual impact on the team, she can create something from nothing for us and she is a very humble young girl. We expected whatever she is giving us with her natural abilities.


Naational team players Resty Nanziri, Lilian Mutuuzo, Sarah Nakuya, Zaituni Namaganda, Maria Nabbanja, Kamiyati Naigaga are some of the many created by Ayub Asiimwe at Tagy High School.


Maria Goreti Nabbanja and Zaituni Namaganda are some other national team players along with Kamiyati in the Tagy squad to play Rines in the final.


Catherine Nagadya and Patience Nabulobi are other national team players that went through Tagy High School.