June 26, 2022


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Sulaiman Kiwanuka Appointed Buganda Kingdom Select Manager Ahead of Cranes Match..

Sulaiman Kiwanuka Appointed Buganda Kingdom Select Manager Ahead of Cranes Match..

Sportsman Honourable Sulaiman Kiwanuka has been appointed the first ever Buganda Kingdom select team manager, Richard Malinga and Frank Mulindwa as head coach and assistant respectively at the event held on Monday Morning at Bulange in Mengo.


The Buganda Kingdom Minister for Youth, Sports and Leisure, Owek. Henry Ssekabembe revealed that the new initiative of starting up a Buganda Kingdom team has been in the Kingdom strategic plan.


Sekabembe addressing the media, pointed at the good understanding with FUFA and called upon the fans for the Friendly match organised between the Kingdom team and the Uganda Football National team.


Our 2018- 2021 startegic plan, has been interrupted by the COVID-19, there is a startegic pillar on page 32 of having a Buganda Kingdom team that will always be selected after the Masaza final.

In agreement with football governing body (FUFA), we came up with this initiative and they requested the Kingdom to come up with a 25 man squad that will be given chance to play a friendly match with the Uganda Cranes team.


The Lion of Nakifuma as many of his Nakifuma county constituents prefer calling him for the different projects he has done to uplift their standards of living, didnot believe the appointment at first.


I almost fainted when I recieved the good news that I was appointed manager of the Buganda select team but when I get talked to the official that had told me the news I started to believe. Am so happy that am among those men that are going to serve the Kabaka. The program on short we have started making calls to the players because they had already selected them (25).

By tomorrow at 9am we expect all of them to reach here at Bulange. We expect to have a three day camp from tomorrow when they arrive . I want to call upon a people of Buganda to come and watch this match just like the minister has stated this is a new initiative, we might make many mistakes but we shall do our best to improve. Am lucky to have looked into the 2018 strategic plan but because of the COVID-19 we didnot manage to implement it. We want this team to exist for long and we want this team to play with other kingdoms here and in the world.


The appointment doesn’t come by chance or mistake, because Kiwanuka has been at the center of Buganda Kingdom Sports activities recent one being the Masaza Cup final.


At the Masaza Cup final held on 5th March 2022, he invested 1900 dollars to Kyaggwe Ssaza, purchased ordinary and VIP tickets for people in Nakifuma, paid 100 dollars to each goal at the finals, awarded captains, coaches and other officials at Kitende and was  recognized as a individual sponsor of the tournament.


Kiwanuka proudly states he had tabled the idea of creating the Masaza Super 11 that atleast would be marketed further and he now feels it becoming a reality so soon.


Coach Richard Malinga was delighted with the opportunity to be in charge of the Kabaka’s team speaking to the media on Monday morning at Bulange in Mengo.


Am ‘bbiri etambula’ my knickname, am so happy to be here today, who am I to be chosen, by I think it is because of my acts and some one who is very passionate of the game and am going to do my best so that the King’s team is always on top.


Champions Buddu contribute the biggest number on the squad 8, Bulemeezi has contributed 5 players, 3 from Buwekula and others.


According to the organizers, the friendly match will played on Friday 15th April 2022 at Wakisha Resource center play ground.


The game will be free to the fans that will go to Waskisha.


The Selected team of 25 players


Isaac Kwizera Onyango (Buwekula), Mike Lutaaya (Buddu), Tonny Atugonza (Bulemeezi).


Gideon Odongo (Buddu), Harunah Lukwago(Buddu), Abdallah Ssentongo (Buddu),Kenneth Sekolya (Bugerere),Angello Kizza (Mawokota), Godfrey (Bulemeezi), Arnold Odongo (Mawokota), Mike Kintu (Mawokota), Bernard Alijuna (Buweekula), Jonathan Oluka (Buddu).


Isma Ramtala (Buddu), Sulaiman Ssezaazi (Bulemeezi), Fahad Nsamba (Buddu), Mike Abura (Buweekula), Hakim Mutebi (Busiro).


John Ben Nakibinge (Bulemeezi), Bruno Bunyaga (Buddu), Isaac Ofoyrwoth (Mawokota), Shalif Ssengendo (Buddu), Dennis Kalanzi (Kyaggwe),Akram Mazannyi(Bulemeezi).